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Personal Lines

Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Flood Insurance, Umbrella Insurance… The list goes on.   It can be difficult to keep track of all the different types of insurance we buy to protect our personal assets.  We often ask the same questions: “Do I really need this much coverage?”, “Am I overpaying for this stuff?”, “Am I really protected?”,  “How can everyone claim to save me money on car insurance?”


The fact of the matter is that everyone has different needs and risks.  While some people might benefit from having a personal umbrella policy, it might not be necessary or appropriate for someone else.  Age, location, claims history, and types of assets all play a major role in factoring how much insurance you need and what your limits are.


Take the “guess work” out of the equation.  Our experts at Hughston Insurance Agency will take to the time to sit down with you and review your policies, limits of coverage, deductibles, and premiums.  We will then explain your options to you in a clear, concise manner and help you understand these choices so that you’re in a position to make an informed decision.


Let’s face it, no one can handle your personal affairs the way you can.  Our job is to give you the most options and the best prices.

Life Insurance

What types are there?  How much do I need?  How often should I review or update my policy?  These are just some of the questions asked by our clients everyday.  The fact is, many people do not have enough life insurance to cover the financial burdens they may unintentionally leave behind.  Furthermore, you might be unaware that life insurance can be used as a vehicle to supplement your retirement and provide long term care, all while making sure you can leave your beneficiaries with liquid assets that are exempt from taxation.


Our life insurance experts can help determine which plan is right for you based on your goals and expectations.  Furthermore, we’re available to review your existing life insurance policies and provide options that, in many cases, result in lower premiums.


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